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Ma Deuce Gunner


Saturday, March 19, 2005


This is a re-post of one I put on my friend Pete's blog.

I have the solution to Iraq: Heroes. Iraq needs heroes. Iraq needs men like "Ali" (name changed for his protection). He said to a buddy of mine, "I am not Shiite. I am not Sunni. I am not Kurd. I am Iraqi." He is a patriot. Hooah! While other IA (Iraqi Army) cower and hide under fire like scared children, "Ali" fights with courage and valor. He has killed so many AIF (Anti-Iraqi Forces e.g. "insurgents") that he has a price on his head. He does it not for the money, as there is a bounty paid on each AIF killed, but he does it for Iraq. "I do not kill for America," he says, "I kill for Iraq." Men such as this are the correct prescription for the ailments and disease that savage this country. They are the cure.

We are here to ensure stability, not to occupy. We made the bed, we must sleep in it. Some call for all the troops to come home now. This would spell disaster for this country. Some maintain we are here to rule, to take oil. NO, we are here to prevent Iraq from destroying itself. Until Iraq has more men withn the attitude of pure patriotism, free from religious polarization, the country will need our support. Heroes, men and women like "Ali" that the general populace can rally around based upon their actions, deeds, and love of country are what the new Iraq needs. Heroes and Patriots.

(Note... this was originally posted 23 Jan 05)


At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Mary-Lou said...

Press on!

Thats exactly what Iraq needs! People who are patriotic! People who are willing to fight and die for their country!
Damn terrorists! Think we can string em up for all the world to see? or would that too be a war crime?


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