Ma Deuce Gunner

Ma Deuce Gunner


Saturday, March 12, 2005

How not to get shot by me, the MDG, or my fellow Joes

8 Ways Not to Get Shot by the US Military

Now, while I can't tell you specifics of our tactics, techniques, and procedures, I can tell you that this Italian journalist is not telling the truth. She should have known that approaching a checkpoint at high speed is not the way to conduct yourself around a US checkpoint.

This woman is a liar. She is a reporter for a communist newspaper. Does that not already make her a liar?? I am sure "Fair and Balanced" is not any part of their aim. Come on now, this is a blatant attempt at bringing more international pressure on the US effort to re-build Iraq.

I see it this way: The media that have a negative view of this effort are running out of bad things to report. Daily I personally see the elation of the populace when we hand out school supplies to children, when we drive through their neighborhoods, ensuring their safety, keeping "Ali Baba" (their name for the insurgents) out of their neighborhoods, making sure they have power and water. This is a concerted effort to twist an unfortunate event and place blame on the innocent party.

Yup, I said it, the soldier who shot is innocent. Know why?? He was
1) shooting to protect himself
2) shooting to protect his squadmates
3) following the rules
4) feeling threatened

I can tell you I have been in same shoot/don't shoot situation, and I can tell you that the driver was COMPLETELY WRONG. The driver should have known the correct protocol for approaching the checkpoint. Most every average Iraqi driver knows how to deal with us on the roads, Italian Intelligence sure as hell should have known how to and not to approach a checkpoint.

Good shooting, Joe Soldier; he got the car and driver. Disable the car, kill the driver. Eliminate the threat of a Vehicle Borne IED. Kudos, from one gunner to another. I bet it was a Ma Deuce.



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