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Ma Deuce Gunner


Sunday, March 13, 2005


Well, I don't hear it much anymore, but we are not in a war for oil. If this was a war for oil, wouldn't gas prices be going down?? I am not totally up to date about the happenings back home in the US, but I constantly hear snippets and read that gas prices may top $2.15/gal this summer.

I support opening of the Arctic National Wildllife Refuge to oil and natural gas exploration and drilling. While not immediate, effects of increasing sourcing of oil from a domestic supply and relying less on imported oil (which, a lot of it comes from countries that hate us), would be large in the long run. It would bolster our economy. Estimates at job creation alone range from 235,000 to 700,000+!! You'd have to live in Alaska, so, maybe it's not all that hot. (Pun intended). New job creation bolsters the economy. Isn't that what the Democrats are always whining about?? "We need to keep more jobs in the US!" That should satisfy some of them.
Plus, gas prices would go down, due to the lessened cost of crude in the US. Yay, Joe and Jane Shmuckatelli can keep more of their money!! has a wealth of information on the issue. Click it.

I am not opposed to alternative fuels. Cars that run on ethanol, recycled french fry grease, gas/electric hybrids, or just plain electric cars are OK with me. The more the better. But, if you drive one, I still will call you a hippie. Check out this great shirt. Alternative fuel cars are not for me though, I want a new truck when I get home. I like this one. A coming home present, maybe?? Yeah, I wish.

Let's drill for oil in Alaska's ANWR. Lets reduce our reliance on imported oil, bolster our economy, and visit our relatives for less.



At 7:08 AM, Blogger Papa Ray said...

Hey, Gas down here in Texas has been over $2.00 for about a month and we have bunches of refinerys and oil wells. I hate to think of what the Yankees are going to be paying this summer.

But, hey, thats ok, the US of A has been skating on gas prices for several years. Time to pay the piper.

Besides, its only money

Thanks for your blog, continue the mission !

Papa Ray
West Texas

At 10:34 AM, Anonymous Mary-Lou said...

April 6 and gas prices are 2.26 a gallon for reg here in Florida. Knew i shouldnt of bought that suburban! *bags head on desk*
But hey! whateva!


At 3:20 PM, Blogger Amelia said...

Despite the high fuel prices, an argument can still be made for why this war was about oil.

The best argument I’ve heard to support this goes something like this:

1. Iraq has a lot of oil

a. (115 billion barrels of proved reserves according to the Energy Information Administration)

2. A lot of oil in the market place would mean lower fuel prices (supply could keep up with demand and lower scarcity)

3. Lower fuel prices means smaller profits for the large energy companies

Note: George Bush and Dick Cheney both have large energy company interests both personally and as campaign contributors.


a. If America controls the oil, they can determine how much gets to the market place

b. To control the oil, America must be in control of the source of the oil (i.e., invading Iraq)

c. Once the oil source is controlled, they can keep fuel prices high (by creating artificial scarcity).

In other words, the current administration was worried about Iraq having the ability to sell its oil on the open market which would flood a market which is closely controlled by oil cartels and governmental interests. Hence, the war is, in fact, still about oil.

Just thought I’d add an alternative viewpoint as perhaps high fuel prices are actually a symptom of a much larger problem that does, very intimately, involve the Iraq War.

Thank you for the interesting blog…I was very happy to stumble across it and read your insights. :-)

At 10:18 AM, Anonymous Jeff Otten said...

Happy 2006!


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