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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Kirkuk, Party Town of N. Iraq

Ok, first I must apologize for the lack of posting lately. My internet connection had to be shut down for a few days. Unfortunately, someone in my brigade was injured, and all stateside communication is cut off until their family can be notified. This is to alleviate families from finding out their loved one has been hurt through the rumor mill. Ok, enough about that.

Wow, this place was CRAZY on Wednesday. I mean Kirkuk was a serious party spot. The annunciation of Jalil Talibani as Interim President of Iraq was VERY well recieved here. Kirkuk is a predominately ethnic Kurdish city, in a predominately Kurdish region of the country. So, when the populace here, which was persecuted and genocided by Saddam, finally saw that they had a Kurd in a powerful position in the New Iraqi Government, they went BONZOS!!!!! In a good way, except for all the airborne lead. It is tradition here to shoot into the sky in celebration. Well, to say the least, there were LOTS of celebratory fire. LOTS! I mean there were tracers racing skyward every way you turned. People were speeding throughout the city, honking their car horns, flashing their lights, and streaming Kurdish flags out the window. My favorite one I saw was a little Toyota 1/4 ton pickup with (and I am not making this up) 14 people in the back, cheering, singing, and yelling, and they had an 8x10 Kurdish flag on a big pole, and they were racing around the city.

We all saw the photos in the news after the elections, of the people who had the ink-stained index finger as a sign of them voting. You know, kinda like the little American flags that say "I Voted" on them. That was a momentus day. Democracy's seed was planted that day. On Wednesday, the first leaves pushed through the hard Iraqi soil and opened, showing that, indeed, democracy has put down roots and is well on its way to flourishing.

I wrote earlier about heroes and patriots. In that post, I talked about how Iraq would only survive if ethnic and religious differences were set aside. Look at the composition on the leadership of the interim government. There is a Shiite Prime Minister. There is a Kurdish president. I am not sure on this one, but I believe the VP is Sunni.

So the Left and the MSM claim President Bush lied. That is not of issue. What is at issue is this: Democracy has found fertile ground in Iraq. People are seeing that acceptance and willingness to work with people of different ethnicities and religious beliefs is a good way to go about governing a country. I tell you what... the folks around here are happy. I like it when the people I pass on the street while on patrol are happy. Less high-speed pointy stuff.

Scouts Out.



At 10:43 AM, Anonymous Jim Rusk said...

I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! but it is great to hear it first hand. Because of you and many others like you, there is no doubt that freedom can do nothing but grow. MSM seems to have difficulty with reporting reality.
Keep it safe and and God bless all of you.
Keep your head covered, that lead has to land someplace.
Jim Rusk
Bright, IN (next to Cincinnati)

At 12:13 PM, Anonymous Sus said...

"Unfortunately, someone in my brigade was injured . ."

I hope he'll be okay? If you can, please give/send him our best wishes and heartfelt thanks for doing what we, safe at home, can't.

Y'all are doing such a kick-ass job!!

At 6:24 PM, Blogger Toni said...

MDG - wishes for a speedy recovery on the injury in your brigade. Got a question for you, with all the celebratory shooting does anyone get hit?

At 10:59 AM, Anonymous Mary-Lou said...

"Unfortunately, someone in my brigade was injured . ."

Will be praying for him, please keep us updated if possible~

Ahhhh to see the rewards of a job well done! Must be great! Very proud of you guys! You are doing an amazing job~ we love you for it!~

God Bless You!

At 5:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How big is your Cow heart? What does bull skull mean? Your gay! You dont know the meaning of the word lead.

At 5:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 5:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your not rambo. No one care how much you spent on your 14's.Next time you should PCC PCI for NVG's.

John Jay


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