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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Old Lady Time (a guest post)

MDG of my medics asked me if he could use my blog to post a story about an old woman in town...and I believe it deserves to be read. So, I am happy to introduce PFC Christy.

My name is PFC Christy and I am a medic in the Scout Platoon. I have been in Iraq for some months. In the amount of time I have been here, I have come across some extrordinary people. I know you all have heard about some of the guys that work with us directly and the tremendous amount of efforts and help they have been. I know you have also heard of some of the heroic stories about the Iraqi Army and Police as well, doing what they can to make their city of Kirkuk a better place. Well, there is one woman's story that I felt was the most deserved of praise and recognition. I will not give out her nickname or where she lives. To those who have been in combat know why and to the others who may wonder, it's for her safety. I will call her "Old Lady Time."

Old Lady Time is in her middle ages, I would say roughly fifty or sixty years old. Her hands and feet are stained with the dirt of the earth. Her hair is thin and matted and her clothes are loose fitting and cover her in layers. She moved to Kirkuk from down south some time ago. I apologize for not knowing where she moved from down south, or when she arrived in Kirkuk. She moved here after her husband passed away. She has no other family, and had no other means of survival where she came from.

We came across her path one night when out on a partrol. And this is where the bond and relationship formed. She helps us by keeping an eye out where she lives for any activity or vehicles or people that shouldn't be in the area or look suspicious. There are times when we have woken her, but she chimes right in talking to us, giving us information on the happenings of the night, and then thanking us for anything that we might do for her. When we leave she kisses her hands, raises them in the air, and brings them down out in front of her. It's almost like she is praising us. In all due actuality, we should be the ones praising her.

So often we hear of men and women in the city telling us where "ali baba" may be or where a rocket attack may have come from. And I know we appreciate all that help. The only difference is the people have homes, jobs, families, cars, the things that make our lives a little easier. But Old Lady Time to me has given the biggest help and sacrafice of all. She has no home, no family, no car, anything. but she helps us out anyway she can. And for that she deserves the highest praise of all. So even though it's not much, this poem is dedicated to her.

"Old Lady Time"

Old Lady Time, covered in
your black dress
Come down to my rivers
and lay your head to rest
In the desert sands where
kings of cobras roam
One-holed bathroom
now your only home
Whisper in my ears the
tales of your bones
Come dance with me
in places where the sun has never shone
Pray for a rain that will
never fall
A will divided by
the berlin wall
Old lady time let your
wrinkles fade away
Your mind may be gone,
but please for me
let your soul stay.

I hope this has shed some light on the character of the Iraqi people. They want their country to be prosperous and peaceful. They want it to be safe for their familes and jobs and children. And with people like Old Lady Time, and the countless others who fight for their rights and help us, someday they will have their wish. Thanks for reading this.

PFC. Christy


At 6:39 AM, Blogger Chevy Rose said...

What a wonderful poem. PFC Christy should have a blogsite of own. Thanks for sharing.

At 8:32 AM, Blogger stephie said...

MDG,I have been reading for a while but haven't posted a comment. I read your earlier post regarding the troll Hammer. There is a group of people at
who try to help people who are being attacked by mean spirited people. They may be able to help. They want people to be able to blog safely and without hateful comments. Typically they prefer Haloscan since it's easier to make identification but if you know the ISP that may help too.

Just FYI because I can't stand people who leave hateful comments on personal blogs just to make themselves feel bigger than their small little selves really are.

Love the blog and PFC Christy, loved the poem! Take care of yourselves, okay?

At 5:11 PM, Anonymous MDG's sis said...

PFC Christy -- I loved your poem and your blog entry! :) It brought a smile to my face.

At 11:47 AM, Blogger Peter said...

Say MDG, my pension check just hit the bank, I think I can afford another ten spot.
I tossed your snail-mail addy after sending that few bucks for Omar. Drop me another E-Mail when you get a minute and I'll send another few bucks for Old Lady Time. Get together with PFC Christy and figger out if cash or PX stuff would help her the most.
Oh, and Christy...good post.
You guys watch your backsides over there.

At 2:01 PM, Blogger devildog6771 said...

What a wonderful story and tribute to the old lady and her people. Pfc Christy, I am sure the old lady knows what a great friend you are. Too bad you can't adopt grandmas! You ought to get your own blog. You are a great writer.

MDG, as always I love your blog. You have a talent I enjoy.

As always, be sfe you and yout troops. Thank you all for all you sacrifice.


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