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Ma Deuce Gunner


Monday, November 14, 2005

An Open Letter to the Anti-War Crowd

To my loyal and supportive readers...this is not directed towards you. I know that you all support, encourage, and agree with me, the leadership of this country, and this war.

To all you anti-war folks, I have to get something off my chest.

You all are a disgrace to the country you call home. You abuse the freedoms that I, and many others, have sweated and bled to protect with your vitriolic rants and seditious acts and statements.

You hide behind the First Amendment, claiming the bile you spew forth is protected under the right to free speech. Some of you claim that you "Support the Troops, but not the war". I submit to you that this is a preposterous assertation. In order to truly and honestly support the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen who have sworn to "Uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America", you must also support the endeavor that they are currently undertaking. Our job is to safeguard you, to kill, disable, or catch the human scum who have made it their mission in life to blow you into chunks of human gore, sever your head from your torso, incinerate you, collapse your office building, gas you on the subway, or murder your children with television cameras rolling live.

Their aim is to scare you into submission. Scare you so much, inject so much fear into your mind that you willfully throw your freedoms out of the window in the name of 'security'. If we can kill them, disable them, or catch them before they are able to inflict the horrors of their idiom on you, then you should be grateful.

I am not attempting to heap praise upon myself. The words you are reading are not for my glory, nor are they intended to glorify anyone, but to show the fallacy of your words and actions. True, you are free to believe what you wish and to voice your opinion as such, but I am also free to do the same.

The words on your screen that you are reading now are intended to cause you to think about the ideology to which you cling. To make you see that folks like 'Code Pink', Fred Phelps, Cindy Sheehan and their ilk are morally bereft individuals. Dark, vile people who do not want others to have their freedoms, but abuse the same to do the shouting.

Your inability to understand the gravity of the situation in which we, as a nation, are embroiled is appalling. In my eyes, you do not understand what dangers this country faces from these terrorists, nor do you understand what it takes to protect you from this peril.

I think back to the Jews who were led out of Egypt whined that they were tired of eating manna, trekking through the desert, facing the danger of wild animals, desert heat, and uncertainty as to what the next mile in the sand might bring. They longed to be back in bondage, slaves to the Egyptians, with full stomachs, roofs over their heads, and a place to call home. They would have rather been forced to perform manual labor by Draconian task-masters rather have their freedom. They knew that they would be fed, have a permanent house, regardless of the way they were treated, as slaves doing forced HARD labor.They were not willing to travel the hard road, to fight for their freedoms. It was easier to go back and be oppressed by the Egyptians rather than press forward and fight for their own nation, for their own freedom. I use the word fight. I mean the term both militarily and in simple reference to the struggle to maintain resilience of spirit.

Some of you will immediately discount the previous reference for the simple fact it is Biblical. Regardless of what you believe spiritually, the parallel draws the conclusion. People who are willing to trade freedom for security are sorry individuals. Freedom is costly to maintain, financially, but also costly of life, resolve and dedication.

Some of you will argue that Iraq has nothing to do with 9-11. It has everything to do with that terrible fall day. The terrorist action on that day was not simply an attack against four airliners, two high profile structures and the people in the planes and buildings, but on the sovriegnty and safety of the USA. In the Declaration of Independence, we all know the clause, "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness". The terrorists want nothing more than to take those rights from you, and they did, from almost 3000 people on that day. A great majority of the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia. That is one of the anti-war crowd's talking points. The concept which I believe you fail to grasp is that they were part of a larger network, a community of evil people who despiseus. Let us use illegal drugs as an example.

For instance, if a person is arrested for selling drugs, do the law enforcement agencies stop there?? Do the stop with the person who carries out the crime at the lowest level?? No, they attempt to take down the whole network, and go as high as they can to try and eradicate the problem at the top. They go to the mid-level suppliers, then the clearinghouses of the nation, the couriers, the financiers, and the kingpins and cartel bosses. An investigation that starts somewhere say, Cleveland, could lead to Chicago, thenMiami, then Cuba, and then to Bogota. The trail could branch anywhere in the chain, and in our instance, the trail led to Iraq.

Another parallel can be drawn from the example of narcotics. A proactive stance is essential in taking care of the problem. We can sit back inside our borders, hoping to catch the drug runners at the borders, or we can go on the offensive, find the problem at its source and deal with it at its origination. Similarly, do we set up treatment centers and simply hope that addicts will happen to decide to come in for help with their problems, or do we seek them out, advertise, reach into the community and try to bring aid to them??

Our expedition into Iraq and Afghanistan is the exact same concept. We are attempting to stop the terrorists where they breed, where they are steeped in their radicalism, where they do not harm OUR citizens, my family and yours. It may seem callous, but I mean no insult towards anyone of different nationality. Another hypothetical example...a ship is sinking. A seaplane lands to rescue the people on board.The seaplane is owned by a ficticious nation...let's use Atlantis. The seaplane is capable of carrying 30 people other than the aircraft crew. There are 34 people in need of rescue. Thirty of the passengers on the ship are Atlantean. Who are the crew of the plane going to take with them?? The Atlantean's, of course. They will rescue their countrymen first, and if possible, they will come back for the others, if possible. You take care of your own. You protect your countrymen, protect your homeland and its people. Not to say that others are worth any less as human beings, but you take care of your own.

We are taking care of our national interests. Making sure that OUR borders are safe, fighting the enemy in their homeland, not ours. I would rather fight the enemy where they do not put American civilians at risk. It is my job to fight the enemy and remove his ability to attack Americans. Would you rather wait and have us fight in the streets of St. Louis or New York or L.A. or Smalltown, USA, or would you rather we kill them before they can even pose any danger to you in your hometown??

We removed a regime that supported terrorism. He supported an ENEMY of the United States of America, and was an evil person. Saddam Hussein was a terrorist in his own right, against his own people. A friend of my enemy is my enemy.

So, enough with your venomous, acrimonious rantings. If you don't like the fact that your government is making aCONCERTIED EFFORT to preserve your freedoms, go somewhere else. You are parasitic dregs, stealing from the people who secure yourfreedoms, abusing the freedoms to malign them, all the while being behind the shield of protection they so willingly provide.Let me define parasite for you :

"something that resembles a biological parasite in dependence on something else for existence or support without making a useful or adequate return"
Now, ask yourself...does this in any way apply to you??

You are stealing my blood, and you should be ashamed of yourself. Go back to your dark holes and brood, for you and your logic isnot welcome, and many more people than you think feel the same way I do. You are evil, as evil as our enemies.

This is something I have wanted to get off my chest for a long time, but I did not think that while I was in Iraq I should post this. Now that I am home, and see and hear the anti-war crowd and their message through a different set of eyes, I believe my words are appropriate. Jen over at Jennifer's Musings emailed me a month ago and asked me for my opinionand what I would say to the Anti-War protestors. She posted it here. You will find many sentiments in this article were echoed in that one, as that post kind of became a rough draft for this one.





At 12:22 PM, Blogger El Capitan said...

(Saluting MDG)

Welcome Home. Couldn't have said it better myself.

At 12:55 PM, Blogger RobC said...

A salute from SA!
Well said MDG, my sentiments exactly.

At 1:04 PM, Anonymous EXDemocrat said...

Welcome home MDG. I definitely second those emotions!!

At 1:13 PM, Anonymous Beth* A. said...

Bravo. Now enjoy some downtime with your family. You've more than earned it!

At 2:24 PM, Blogger Melinda said...

Glad you're home!! Well said & so true.

Enjoy your reunion time with your family. Thank you for your service and a big thank you to them as's not easy being the one at home.

At 2:24 PM, Anonymous Jim said...

Damn fine comments.

Anti everything protesters get a single finger salute from me.

Welcome home and God Bless our military.

At 4:33 PM, Blogger Toni said...

Thank you MDG for a year of your life spent defending this country in a place most of us would not want to be and a big welcome home to you. That was a marvelous rant to the supporters of Islamofacists - the anti-war appeasers and traitors.

At 5:08 PM, Anonymous linda said...

Welcome home, soldier! Thanks for saying what I've wished to hear from soldiers for a long time! Every time I hear "I support the troops but not the war" I'm just sorry that person is out of reach for a slap across the face!

At 5:53 PM, Anonymous MissBirdlegs in AL said...

Right on, MDG! Delighted that you're home. I'm afraid you're gonna hear a lot more of that anti-war slop if you pay attention to the TV now that you're home. I've just about turned mine off completely in favor of the 'net. Seems to me there's a fine line between treason and some of the stuff we hear...even from elected officials.

At 6:11 PM, Anonymous Susie said...

Welcome home & thank you!!

At 6:12 PM, Blogger Desultory Girl said...

Way to go, MDG! Get it off your chest, bro...loud and clear.

At 6:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you. It's about time more soldiers stick up for themselves and tell these anti-war people how we really feel about their "support" for us. I thank you for your service.

At 8:10 PM, Anonymous Gypsy said...

BZ MDG, outstanding post. Thank you for all you do for our Country, your sacrifices are enormous. I've argued for years if you don't support the Mission you aren't supporting the Troops. Can't have it both ways.

Welcome Home!!

At 1:36 AM, Blogger One Veteran said...

I am a veteran of Iraqi Freedom II and do not support the war. Does that mean I hate myself?

I guess I'm probably just confused, right?

At 7:21 AM, Blogger John Schroeder said...

Welcome HOme -- Job well done.

I've linked to this excellent post here

At 8:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen... From a wife of a 116th soldier..It is so nice to finally have someone who will stand up to those people. You have all my support and thank you so much for everything you guys did over there.

Enjoy your family. And WELCOME HOME..

At 10:19 AM, Blogger ~Ashley said...

My thoughts exactly! Welcome home MDG!!

My brother made it home today from Iraq, Im the happiest girl alive!

Thank you and your family for your service!


At 10:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish this will be read by many, especially the anti-war crowd. Cindy Sheehan and Howard Dean came to my town and nothing could have been worse.

At 11:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get some MDG, and welcome home!

One of my favorite lines from 1776 is from Ben Franklin -

"Be careful, Mr. Dickerson. Those who trade their freedom for a little security deserve neither the freedom, nor the security."

I believe those who are "anti-war" are more "anti-Bush" than anything and see the ware protests as (1) upholding the rich "tradition" of their Vietnam counterparts and (2) seeing any way possible to undermine an administration they vehemently hate. Whatever happened to working toward something better? Why is it they can only trot out the tired Socialism, Marxism, Communism arguments?

That they are wrong in all they do is a given. That they can't see the destructive power of their actions is deplorable.

Kevin Garrett

At 12:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent post. I'm not a soldier, nor the spouse of one, but I respect the efforts of all our service men and women from the bottom of my heart. I pray for you all.

I participate in some other forums, and am absolutely amazed at the level of hatred and vitriol that spew from the minds of the anti war crowd. It's almost scary..I asked one of them if they could not express their convictions logically, and the language handed back to me is not suitable for repetition. Just confirmed to me that for the most part, none of them know what they are talking about. It's almost like some kind of fad, or a bunch of old hippies reviving the 'glory days' of the 60's and 70's.

Glad you are home safe. God Bless you for your service.

K. Ozanne

At 12:29 PM, Blogger Homefront Six said...

Well said. Welcome home and thank you.

- hfs

At 1:23 PM, Anonymous Kate said...

Truly unbelievable. You think that people have to agree with a political position just because our country takes one?

I'm glad that you feel so strongly about your mission - but the simple fact is, many of us patriotic Americans do not. We have a right to question our gov't officials who sent YOU and my friends and family to war in an unnecessary country. Yet fail to address the root of the problem in pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Don't question my support and love for my family and my friends beause I disagree with this joke of a President and his ridiculous foreign policy.

You're lucky you came home alive, and I appreciate that you are willing to fight for our country - my only wish is that you fought in a war that would do more good than harm to the rest of the world.

Best of luck to you now that you are home...

At 1:33 PM, Blogger "Elvis" said...

Outstanding! Thanks


At 1:48 PM, Blogger dick said...


I suggest you go talk to the bloggers at Iraq the Model and all their friends. Tell the Kurds whose family were destroyed by the regime you supported and that we overthrew. Tell all the people who were damaged by the people who were making money from the Oil for Food program. Tell the people who had the medicine they were supposed to be getting held in the warehouses of the regime and their families died. Tell the parents of the girls who were killed after being raped by these animals. Then pat yourself on the back for being so wise.

At 2:33 PM, Anonymous OIFVet said...

Well said! Now get some R&R soldier! You have earned it.


At 2:47 PM, Anonymous kate said...

Ours is not the job to police the world with our military force. I'm sorry - if that were true, there are multiple nations in Africa that we should be entering too.

But the THREAT of WMDs was pushed forth by this administration, while they knew full well the evidence was faulty.

Meanwhile, al-quaeda trains in Pakistan/Afghanistan/SaudiArabia, and attacks in London and Jordan. The American military's presence in Iraq may have deposed a terrible ruler, but its not solving terrorism. its only causing more terrorists.

At 3:02 PM, Blogger Barbara said...

Bless you and the men and women who have or are fighting in the Iraq war. I believe this war was warranted. But, it looks like the liberals and the media have done a good job in that they have those like Kate believing their lies.

There are those that 'believed the intelligence' and voted 'to go to war'. Yet, now, they are going backwards and saying, "I never saw the intelligence", or "If I saw the intelligence that the President saw, I'd never have voted for the war." You can't tell me they vote blindly, without knowing all there is to know about a war and the reasons behind it!

When anyone says they support the troops, but not the war, something is wrong. You can't support one without supporting the other. To say we 'support the troops', but then say, 'GET out of Iraq now', only hurts the military. How does a soldier feel who hears people back here in America not standing up for what they are doing for us??

At 3:24 PM, Anonymous Rich said...

Welcome Home MDG
Thank you for all your thoughts and all the terrific blogs.I feel lucky to have witnessed all of the stories. You left it all on the field this time with your last entry . MEGA KUDOS !!!

At 4:25 PM, Blogger Eric Wilner said...

Welcome home, MDG!

Really, now: there are some thoughtful, principled anti-war folks out there; some oppose war in general, and some oppose the current war in particular, for reasons they're willing and able to articulate. These people can be engaged in constructive debate.

The thoughtful ones, though, aren't the ones who make the headlines. The lunatics who are making the headlines with their giant puppets, illiterate signs, and mindless slogan-chanting -- and the politicians who loudly proclaimed Saddam to be a menace from, say, 1996 to 2002, and who have just as loudly proclaimed the opposite since April 2003 -- are fully deserving of scorn.

At 5:43 PM, Anonymous cranky said...

Welcome Home! You are on target with your comments regarding the anti-war crowd. What I hear most from them is how terrible the war is. They have no answer for how terrible the alternative of slavery to Islamofascism would be. They continue to hope the alligator is no longer hungry when it swims by them.

At 5:44 PM, Blogger GunnNutt said...

HOOAH! Brilliant post, MDG!

At 7:06 PM, Blogger Laura said...

Kate: Finding enriched uranium, plutonium, casings, and history of transport is not faulty evidence.

Do you really think the military and our government tell the public everything? The general public can't handle the truth about the harsh realities in this world which is why 9/11 shocked so many people.

This country survives because there are men who act to protect you, by doing the things that you could never do yourself.

You might want to read the history of the region before you decide who is at fault for terrorism. You could start in the 1930's with the creation of Israel. Also please remember that it takes one person with a bomb to cause destruction, and that the war in Iraq is drawing terrorists from around the world there, so that we don't have to fight them everywhere.

MDG: Thanks again. I'm going to repost this and link back to you. Enjoy your r&r.

At 7:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you serious, the war was against Iraq and saddam hussein. The right eventually had to spin the war later on as the "War on Terror" which in a completely different discussion is a problem that we created in Iraq. We won the war against Iraq and Saddam has been captured. Having said that why are we still there? Are we protecting Americans or Iraqi's? Remember that it is our job as employers of governtment officals to ask questions especially in a time like this.

At 8:30 PM, Anonymous kate said...

From Chuck Hagel....a veteran himself, and a senator:

"To question your government is not unpatriotic -- to not question your government is unpatriotic," Hagel said, arguing that 58,000 troops died in Vietnam because of silence by political leaders. "America owes its men and women in uniform a policy worthy of their sacrifices."

At 9:35 PM, Anonymous Tom W. said...

Welcome home, MDG! Thank you for your service in this noble cause, the most noble since WWII. You've done something with your life that I'll never do--dispense freedom. Well done.

For Kate: Bush did not lie. It's been proven time and again. If you're going to object to this war, object for real reasons, not delusions or childish feelings. Read and memorize these facts:

1. Report of the Select Committee on Intelligence on the U.S. Intelligence Community’s Prewar Intelligence Assessments on Iraq

a) Found no evidence of attempts to influence analysts to change intelligence.

b) Found that Joe Wilson's report, rather than debunking intelligence about purported uranium sales to Iraq, actually bolstered the case.

c) Found that contrary to Wilson's assertions and even the government's previous statements, the CIA did not tell the White House it had qualms about the reliability of the Africa intelligence that made its way into 16 fateful words in President Bush's January 2003 State of the Union address.

2. The Commission On The Intelligence Capabilities Of The United States Regarding Weapons Of Mass Destruction (Robb-Silverman Commission)

a) Found that the Presidential Daily Briefing contained similar intelligence as the National Intelligence Estimate given to Congress but expressed it in more alarmist and less nuanced language.

b) Reported that the intelligence in the Presidential Daily Briefings was not markedly different than the intelligence given to Congress in the National Intelligence Estimate.

c) Found no evidence that intelligence analysts were pressured into issuing false aseessments.

3. The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (9/11 Commission)

Found no evidence that Bush manipulated intelligence.

4. Review of Intelligence on Weapons of Mass Destruction (Lord Butler Report)

Found no evidence that intelligence--much of it used by the U. S.--was distorted.

5. Investigation into the Circumstances Surrounding the Death of Dr. David Kelly (Lord Hutton Report)

Found that British Prime Minister Tony Blair did not manipulate intelligence, much of which was used by the U. S. This report forced two heads of the BBC to resign.

6. David Kay, former head of Iraqi Survey Group

Testified to Senate Armed Services Committee that U.S. intelligence analysts were not pressured into giving false assessments of the threat posed by Iraq.

7. Charles Duelfer, former head of Iraqi Survey Group

Stated that U. S. intelligence analysts were not pressured into giving false assessments of the threat posed by Iraq.

8. Australian Government’s Report of the Inquiry into Australian Intelligence Agencies

Found no evidence that the Office of National Assessments (ONA) was influenced by policy or political considerations to conclude--as did U. S, and British intelligence agencies--that Iraq had significant WMD stocks.

P. S. Chuckie Hagel's war was forty years ago. I'll listen to the men and women fighting this war. They're for it, so I'll support it too.

At 9:40 PM, Anonymous Tom W. said...

In the last entry, two URLs had problems:

The Lord Hutton Report

Australian Government’s Report of the Inquiry into Australian Intelligence Agencies

At 11:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you MDG, you are right on target! F' the liberal main stream media. Thank God for blogs like yours. Keep up the fight, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

At 1:22 AM, Anonymous F - The Netherlands said...

Have never been able to describe my feelings about this subject - happy someone has written down the exact words. You've not only been protecting your own nation in the past year: you've also been helping to make this world a safer place to live in! Welcome home and thank you for everything you did out there.

At 6:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You are parasitic dregs, stealing from the people who secure yourfreedoms, abusing the freedoms to malign them, all the while being behind the shield of protection they so willingly provide"

This is really lovely. Lovely commentary to people who reasonably disagree. You think that we're all angry? You think that we all hate George Bush? You think that we don't have family members who are affected by this war because they serve in the US Military?

Your statements are rather harsh, and rather "unpatriotic" yourself. To hold such hatred and contempt for regular Americans who are just trying to understand the truth and reality and outcome for our efforts,and disagree with the President's decisions, is really sad.

Supporting the troops is a euphemism that doesn't really "mean" anything. Of course Americans support the trooops and the Army and want nothing but success....that doesn't mean that you don't have the freedom to question and try to understand the government's foreign policy. its not always about anger and hatred of Bush or the other officials, its simply a right and desire to know WHY we are there.

Its part of the reason, people like me read websites like yours. But to hear you attacking these people and calling them parasites is unfortunate. and i feel inappropriate. this is still America.

At 8:29 AM, Blogger Michael said...

I hold no such contempt for "regular" Americans...I hold contempt for those who protest and shout things such as "You were maimed for a lie" or the ridiculous garbage that Fred Phelps spews.

I also believe that people who oppose the war simply because it is politically popular or socially the 'right thing to think' need a wake up call to their stream of consciousness.

At 8:38 AM, Blogger David M said...


Excellently written and composed, and I couldn't agree more. While it is the right and duty of every American to question what their government does, to actively take part in hoping that our endeavor fails if traiterous at best.

Like you, I’m sad and angry for many reasons but mostly I am angry that our “loyal opposition” stands against us in this fight. They hate that their sensibilities have been challenged by a cowboy from Texas, they hate because their comfort level has been challenged and their policies of inaction have been thrown to the wayside and they must take a stand that requires direct action on their part, freedom is not free nor is it a privilege which can be taken away when it suits our leaders, rather as the founding fathers noted it is a right that can be neither given nor taken by someone unless you allow it to be so, the loyal opposition no longer has our permission to give away our freedoms in exchange for power and stability and that angers them.

They claim that our policies are an affront to “our allies” and that they make us a laughing stock in the world, but what they really mean is that our current policies have shown our allies that a policy of stability based upon appeasement is not one that is compatible with a policy based upon freedom, and that makes them the laughing stock of their allies for they can no longer control their charges. To the consternation of the loyal opposition, our allies see the wisdom of our policies and they stand beside us in our struggle; no longer do they set their policies upon the false ideals of appeasement and stability, but rather on the advancement of basic freedoms that are encumbered upon all of humanity by the very nature of birth.

Since the Loyal Opposition no longer controls the power which they have wrested from good American’s over the past 40 years, they take up the cause of our enemies and become traitors in our own midst. They celebrate the loss of each of our brave soldiers as if they themselves pulled the trigger or planted the roadside bomb that ended their life in this fight for freedom, for them it is not a war against oppression but rather an opportunity to regain a power that they illegally stole from us in the first place. They use lies and false promises of peace to get those lost souls that follow them blindly to protest our policies across the globe, they oppose all legislation that takes power out of their hands and places it back into the hands of the people, they attack the character of those that stand against them for they have no other method of countering the truth.

MDG, I am also saddened that some of our friends have not stood up with us and decried the actions of these traitors in our midst that they simply frown when they read about the latest antics by those that actively support our failure in this endeavor. It is no longer enough to say, I stand with you in my beliefs, the time for quiet support is past now a vocal majority must present itself before our fellow Americans and say that the old policies of appeasement and stability are no longer our policies and those that follow them are no longer welcome here for Freedom in the guise of stability is not freedom it is enslavement and I shall never be enslaved. The road to freedom is not an easy road, but it is one that must be taken for if we as a people are to survive it is our only choice, do not allow them to use the argument that it is easy for you to support something for which you are not actively participating in, for you are participating in this struggle we all are, for failure means that our life as a free people will forever be lost.

At 8:44 AM, Blogger membrain said...

MDG, welcome back to your home. Thanks again for serving. Thanks for posting this. Well said. I'm going to link to this on my blog. Cheers mate.

At 2:24 PM, Blogger southern girl said...

Bravo! Semper Fi!

At 4:56 PM, Anonymous SK said...

Beautifully said. Welcome home and thank you, again.

At 7:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You are stealing my blood, and you should be ashamed of yourself. Go back to your dark holes and brood, for you and your logic isnot welcome, and many more people than you think feel the same way I do. You are evil, as evil as our enemies."

Wow. This sounds so hateful.
And SOOO UnAmerican of you.

I've been reading this blog for a while, but I just lost a lot of respect for you.

At 10:38 PM, Anonymous Ben said...

"I've been reading this blog for a while, but I just lost a lot of respect for you."

What the hell does respect have to do with this? The fact that you cannot respect another person's opinion makes YOU Un-American. Hmmm, who lost who's respect first here???

At 7:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

? i can respect another person's opinion. but I cannot respect someone calling Americans who question this war "as evil as our enemies" or "parasites"

there are problems with this war, whether you agreed with it from the beginning or is hard to see the end, it is hard to see the positive changes.

but to attack people who oppose the war - to call them "enemies"? I'm sorry, that to me is offensive and unAmerican.

I can respect someone who supports the mission, and someone like MDG who has firsthand knowledge of the situation on the ground - but to hear him attack the non-warmongers in such a way....its disturbing. and it just shows how polarized our nation has become. There should be dialogue on how to accomplish goals in the MidEast - not attacking our own citizens for their beliefs.

At 8:43 AM, Blogger FVK said...


Thank you for you service and sacrifice. That goes for Mrs. MDG and your entire family, as well.

Your words are powerful and dead-on.

I hope you don't mind, but I've posted your letter on my blog: We Support You


God bless you and Happy Thanksgiving!

At 9:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the service and for putting into words how many of us feel. The thing that gets me is the freedom of speech that covers the anit-war does not cover the pro freedom people. As I see it, if you call someone on what they are saying they all of a sudden feel you are attacking their patriotism. Maybe I am questioning their patriotism maybe I am not, but one thing is true I DO have that freedom to question it. Those who have served all know that war is hell and we all would rather not be involved it. I can say check your patriotism because their actions and words bring aide to the enemy and they love to hear some senator come out and denounce our actions. Look at it how you want but words mean things and when the leaders stand up and spew anti war rhetoric then the only person that really loses in that troop standing on foreign soil defending there right to make such statements. There are ways to be against something without trying to make the ones leading the war into some type of lying monsters who should be removed from office. That really helps the cause now doesn’t it.
Fight back with your vote not with your words that will put my brothers in harms way.

At 10:23 AM, Blogger Sgt. B. said...

Good rant, Brother, you have initiated some interesting dynamics.

I find it interesting that there are now folks who deem YOUR words "un-patriotic"... I think it shows an interesting mindset.

They fail to take into account the fact that you are just returned from Iraq, and the "moonbattery" rhetoric had a direct and adverse effect on your situation.

There are others who are against the whole concept of war. I think you respect that, because, as has been noted before, true pacifists are articulate and educated (even if the world has a rosey hue), and not prone to the mouthings of political diatribe. I would go even further in saying that of those who truely despise war, it is the warrior who tops the list; none of us really WANT to have to perform our duties to their terminal and lethal conclusion. (Preparing for it, and enjoying the personal and unit accomplishments provides incredible enjoyment, but we would be just as happy if we could resolve worldly issues with contests not measured in human life. Unfortunately, this is not the case, thus we take lives during the course of our duties...)

Of course, as a veteran, a combat infantryman, you look at those who would try to use your involvement in the conflict for political gain. You respond with a baleful look, a heavy sigh, and tell them that, while you appreciate their concerns for the environment, would they please stop feeding the bears while you're tromping around the same neck of the woods...
Good words, bro...
When ya coming over to Spokane?

At 2:47 PM, Blogger TODD said...


Time to pull your head out of the sand. You see, the US military did find WMD's as much as you like to harp on the "no wmd's here" stance Remember, oh yeah that is right you only watch Katie Couric and her hench pal Matt There was poisonous gas and enriched uranium found and canisters with saran as well. The fact is we did not need the cradled"WMD" card Hussein was a mass murderer with ties to al qaeda as that has been documented. Yes you are unpatriotic you are a self loathing tree hugger and your kind makes me sick to protest this war with our men and women dying over there. And yes I am a veteran, was wounded in combat twice, and have seen friends die, but at no time did I question the CIC. I enlisted because I loved my country and the freedoms it bestowed upon me and I felt it was my time to defend those freedoms.. God bless you MGD and I proud of your service...

As they say,

"Rangers lead the way"



At 4:32 PM, Anonymous 1charlie2 said...

To those who oppose the war and believe that good men can reasonably disagree. . . what have you done to keep the discourse rational ? Have you condemned, loudly and lustily, those on your side who are abject hypocrites ? Maybe so, but I have not heard from you. If the only representation whose voice is heard is scum, what would you expect ?

I speak not of those of honest mien, but those of (for example) Ted Kennedy's brand of cowardice. They who first voted overwhelmingly to authorize this war, and now would re-write history to try to evade their own past. I can spell "moral cowardice," does Kennedy know what it means ? It's one thing to honestly oppose a war, but to first authorize a war and then to try to back out of it, saying not "I was wrong" but "you tricked me" is the mark of a coward. This it the sort of behavior I tried to stamp out of my children before their 8th birthdays, and it's being practiced by sitting legislators. If you don't loudly condemn this behavior, and you embrace these sort as your own, don't be surprised if the rancor they engender on the part of those risking their lives rubs off on you. I know, I'm a registered Democrat, which is an increasingly embarrassing thing to be.

Have you condemned those who accuse Bush not of being wrong (on which reasonable men may disagree), but of ** deceiving *** the public ? Those of us who've studied the matter carefully (however we feel about the war) know this charge to be scurrilous. The major intelligence services all agreed with the administration. The investigations after the fact found that there was no evidence the administration tried to force a certain answer. In short, while honest men may assert (correctly or not) that Bush was "wrong" to go into Iraq, calling him a "liar" is an insult to the intelligence of anyone who approaches the debate with an open mind. This is the difference between the Ted Kennedy brand of deceit, and the Joe Lieberman approach. Lieberman is hardly a "yes-man" for the administration, but he does not resort to false accusations to try to win political points.

What of Code Pink's picketing Walter Reed Medical Center ? Can you get much lower on the 'scum-that-walks-upright' scale than that ? Were there **any** people opposed to the war who stood up and yelled "I am opposed to this war, but you who protest in front of wounded soldiers are horrible, evil creatures who deserve the lowest pits of hell!" ? If Janeane Garafolo (as a hypothetical example) took a plastic bat to those Code Pink scum, beat them about the heads and shoulders, and screamed "Get out you lousy scum! There's a big difference between protesting the war and protesting the wounded! Get out!" many folks in uniform (and those of us no longer in uniform) would be much more likely to feel friendly to Miss G (whom I really don't know from Eve).

Iraq is certainly beginning to resemble Viet Nam. Not in ANY tactical or international sense, but only in revealing what sort of scum that the anti-war movement can bring up out of the primordial slime.

Though I do not agree with it, I refuse to condemn MDG for his vitriol againt those who'd protest this war. Even though there may be some, somewhere, who do so in a decent, civilized manner, he (and I, for that manner) are unaware of where. If those who protest the war in a decent manner object to those scum, they need to make their voices heard.

Do not look to the troops (current or past) for the origins of the vitriol. No one believes more in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights more than the troops.

If you don't believe that, ask yourself how many college professors took an oath to die for the Constitution if necessary. I took that oath for the first time at 17, a singularly sobering experience. I say that not to trumpet my own horn, but only to dispel myths about how it's "the military" who wants to go to war. "The military" are those who'll be the first to fall, and almost every individual is painfully aware of it.

Instead of thinking of MDG's emotions as being organic to him (rather than being externally learned), look to the Ward Churchills, the Code Pinks, the Cindy Sheehans of the anti-war movement. When they decided on a quick round of "how low can we sink," they created this resentment. If your neighbor is rude, obnoxious, and behaving like scum, is it any wonder you'll think of him that way ? Society may say to you "you may not harm that man," but it cannot and must not say "You cannot call hime scum."

And here's a thought that should concern everyone (it deeply concerns me). With the large numbers of troops who've rotated in and out of the sandbox, there are literally hundreds of thousands of Americans (and their families, friends, etc) who have learned (a) to not trust the media (don't EVEN get me started on how often they lie), and (b) equate "anti-war" with Code Pink. And vets as a group vote very often.

And people still wonder how W got re-elected, even though major media arms like CBS did their best to sink him.

I suspect that for the Kennedys of this world, there's a storm coming. If Howlin' Howie stays on his self-destruct course, the political party I've been a part of my entire adult life will become (in the words of Zell Miller) "a national party no more." And I shudder to think of it, because honest debate keeps everyone honest. Democrats like me should fear Howie, either he will lead our party to destruction or our nation into a foreign-policy nightmare. And Repubs should fear him as well, for without a strong Dem challenge, what will keep their won in check

At 6:30 PM, Blogger Laura said...

He's not calling everyone who questions the war evil. You just have a lot of loud, very public moonbats who share your stance who are quite evil.

At 8:59 PM, Blogger JarheadDad said...

1charlie2 Well Said. It's funny, I've been a Southern Democrat all my life. My family have been Southern Democrats for generations. I am now a registered Independent. Go figure!

"There should be dialogue on how to accomplish goals in the MidEast - not attacking our own citizens for their beliefs. -anonymous"

Go tell it to your side anon. Who's lying about what? Who's twisting facts about what? Who's screaming from the rooftops about our military fighting for a lie? Who's giving aid and comfort to our enemies with these same lies? Yeah, we know. It's all our fault. Thanx for your support!

"But the THREAT of WMDs was pushed forth by this administration, while they knew full well the evidence was faulty. -Kate"

Therein lies the fallacy of your entire premise Kate. Our CiC DID NOT LIE nor did he "know full well the intel was faulty". Show your proofs. You cannot but instead you want to call the basis of the mission a lie and the CiC a liar or manipulator. That means that our men and women fighting this war for you are fighting for a lie. They are dying for a lie. And yet you still feel that this is "honest" debate. I call bullsh*t and so did MDG. So does everyone else that has half a mind. You're problem is that your side has crossed a line that has attacked the troops directly, supplied aid and comfort to our enemies, raised the righteous anger of family and friends of our troops, and now you are being called on it. Well that's just simply too dam*ed bad! I myself have laid back and kept out of the fray until now. Get used to it and tough if you don't like it. We sure as he*l aren't going to take any more of this!

You want reasonable debate as is your just due under the freedoms provided you by the Constitution and those that have fought and died to give it to you? Stand up and put down those that would tear the Country asunder by their hate-filled rhetoric against the CiC based on lies and hate-America stance. Control your leaders on the Left and force them into telling the truth. Force the MSM to tell the real story about what's going on the Iraq and the Stan. Until you do you will continue to see an escalation of anger from us that will ground swell the likes of which you have never seen. It's time for US to fight back for a change. Enough is enough!

Outstanding post MDG. Thank you!

At 11:24 PM, Anonymous kate said...

wow. all of your are sad and sort of crazy. with blinders on.

someday, our country will come out of these dark days. until then - good luck to all of you who are forced to fight this war. and good luck to your families who have to sacrifice their time with you.

At 7:26 AM, Anonymous Cheryl said...

Good comeback, Kate. Because they don't believe as you, take you to task on your remarks, you say they are "sad and sort of crazy, with blinders on."

The same could be said of you.

Why is it so hard for you to understand that not everyone is going to believe as you do? Why do you feel you are superior to everyone and can force your views on them? I'd have more respect for you and your position if you would show the same to me. Yet you don't.

Our country was founded on our "fighting" spirit. We have to stand up for what we believe in, such as you are doing and everyone else who has responded. Respect that right, Kate. People might understand your position rather than reacting angrily.

Thank you MDG for your service, for posting this blog and welcome home.

At 9:07 AM, Anonymous Sgt S. Humphrey said...

hooah!! i wish i was as artiticulet(sp?) as you were in that post i'd have said something similar when i got back the first time and the second time. welcome home enjoy don't worry the dreams do lessen

At 9:28 AM, Anonymous Sgt S. Humphrey said...

then they do go away finally. But I have and always will support and defend the Constition of The United States against all ENEMIES foreign and DOMESTIC.
Once again welcome home, from an old broken INFANTRYMAN.

At 11:48 AM, Blogger wolfe said...

I always feel a ping of resentment whenever I read a blog by a soldier who feels this powerful urge to be the "voice of the military." I am currently active duty and have done my time in I Iraq. I think this war was the wrong move and I think it's been handled misearably. Am I a traitor for having these opinions? Am I a disgrace to the country I call home. I am proud of every second of my service, as I was proud of my father and brother before me. But I cannot agree with a single word of your post. You say we are taking care of our national interests, making sure our borders are safe...our borders are wide open. Every day the chance that a terrorist will sneak a nuclear device into this coutry increases. And this administration has done nothing to close the borders donw for fear of losing the hispanic vote. You use some colorful analogies, about the jews and the drug trade, let me pose this one to you: if Osama Bin Laden was responsible for the death of over 3,000 U.S. civilians, would you fullfill the promise to bring him in, dead or alive, or would you let this mass-murderer fade into obscurity? I would want him dead, no questions. When will he be made to pay for the largest act of terrorism in world history? Where is the outrage for Bin Laden? You want me to believe Cindy Sheehan is more vital to our security than Bin Laden? I am not hiding behind the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States. You remember that thing, right? You raised your right hand and swore to defend it, so help you God. And I'm thinking back to my time in Iraq and I honestly can't remember a single day when anyone's opinion back home, in the press, on a talk show or radio show, had a single, tiny effect on my morale or my ability to do my job. I can't remember a single time anything Rush Limbaugh or Ted Kennedy or Sean Hannity or Al Sharpton had to say stopped me from doing my best to serve my country. Becasue I wasn't doing it for them. I wasn't doing it so someone would praise me or my mission. I was doing it becasue I love America and I love the Constitution. It turns out I'm not a traitor or a parasite...I'm your brother, your fellow American, whether we agree or not.

At 1:15 PM, Blogger JarheadDad said...

So Jeff, are you one of the ones that is accusing your CiC of lying about and manipulating the intel before the invasion of Iraq? Are you one of the ones shouting from the mountaintop that the mission is a lie? Are you one of the ones that is protesting in front of military hospitals telling our WIAs that they were maimied for a lie. Are you one of the editors making decisions to dupe the American People on the real progress in our AOs? If you are then yeah, you would be a seditionist or parasite. THAT is to whom MDG was directing his anger. Period!

Look, there is no way that I would advocate anything resembling forcing people to not voice their opinions. But know there is a thin line between debate and giving aid and comfort to our enemies. The shock tactics of the far Left is exactly that, unpatriotic behavior. The asshats on the floor of Congress calling for us to surrender by cutting and running are those same type of parasites. Unless you believe as they do, without fact one to back it up, that your mission and sacrifice is for nothing but lies and manipulations. This hysterical minority is being represented as the majority and the asshats in Congress are moving to that end. There is no shame in any of them!

I actually enjoy debate from the loyal opposition but debate is not what these folks are looking for. Political power and advancement using the blood of your Brothers is what they do. Demeaning the sacrifice and service of your Brothers is not a guarantee under the First Amendment. It is morally bankrupt and dangerous to not only our Nation but to those Grunts that have to deal with the escalation as a result. Debate, disagree? Fine! Use a modicum of tact and understanding but check the hate-anything-Bush agenda at the door! And DO NOT tell me that what my son and his Brothers are doing is all a lie. Enough is enough!

Funny how poll numbers lend courage to those that seek the glory days of the body politic 1970 huh? Those are the people this missive is directed to Jeff. And no one else! You are judged by those you surround yourself with. Think about it!

BTW, thank you for your service. I know you don't do it for recognition but at least you know there are still those among us that appreciate what it is you do. Of course if you pay attention to polls you wouldn't believe that either!

And don't even get me started on immigration policy, fuel prices, taxes, etc., etc., etc. Those I will debate and use my vote to make my statement. But then those arguments won't get flashed over Al Jeezera's network and cause ramped up IEDs or muj recruitment now will they?

At 2:42 PM, Blogger wolfe said...

Ah, the old "cut and run" line. You know, if we were in a burning house and I looked at you and said "you know, we need to leave right now," you wouldn't question my patriotism or my courage. You would think that getting out of that bad situation is a pretty good idea. When can we leave Iraq? Whether it's now or ten years from now they're going to have a civil war between the three factions. Help me understand when leaving will be heroic and appropriate and not "surrender." And your line about it being the left who's out for political power makes you sound naive. Scandals are ripping through the current administration as we speak. And I'm not sure what to make of this line: "there are still those among us that appreciate what it is you do. Of course if you pay attention to polls you wouldn't believe that either!" Are you saying that a poll showing people think Dick Cheney is liar is somehow an indictment of me as a serviceman? You know, my daddy was an MP while Nixon was in office but I don't blame him for Watergate. And another thing, you imply that violence is escalating because people are debating the policy of this war. Do you REALLY think they care what people say on Crossfire (I know, it's been cancelled, bad example)? The sad truth is if we would get off our asses and start employing alternative fuel sources, we could be done with the whole mess in the middle east. I mean, you don't think it's all about "Spreading Democracy and Freedom" do you? We've got countries we consider ALLIES who have worse human rights records than Iraq.

At 3:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so what do all of you think of Congressman Murtha's comments yesterday?

he's hardly a novice on military affairs.

At 4:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome post, soldier. Thanks for your service. Continue to expose the lies of the left.

At 5:02 PM, Anonymous 1charlie2 said...

What do I think of Murtha ? Well, depite the current media meme, his comments are not new, even for him. It's just another misleading attempt to make folks think support among "hawks" is "eroding."

See Veterans for Common ca 9/02, (their site is in the dirt as I type this, so I can't supply the exact URL, sorry)

See also the AP wire 5/04 at
"We cannot prevail in this war as it is going today," AT A NEWS CONFERENCE.

You want to take W into the oval office and say "George, you're an idiot! You gotta pull your head out of your *ss before we LOSE this friggin' war!", fine, That's constructive, if somewhat brutal. But a NEWS CONFERENCE ? That's political hay-making at the cost of morale and foreign policy.

How about this quote on NewsHour with Leher

"MARGARET WARNER: But may I ask you, sir, if you believe -- he says -- for whatever reason, Iraq has become the center of terrorism - that if the U.S. appears to retreat in the face of that, that it will be a blow to the American fight against radical Islamic terrorism? What do you say to that?

REP. JOHN MURTHA: Well, I say that the fight against Americans began with Abu Ghraib. It began with the invasion of Iraq. That's when terrorism started. It didn't start when there was criticism of this administration. This administration doesn't want to listen to any ideas. "

To which I'd reply "John, you're an idiot or a flake. I think the victims 9/11 might argue that terrorism started a little before then. So would the sailors on the Cole. You're either really bad at choosing your words, or you're just nuts. I'm starting to think you'll say whatever bs pops into you nutty little skull."

What I think of him is that he's really rather unstable. And if he wants to wear his service on his sleeve -- and he apparently does when he spouts this vitriol:

"I like guys who've never been there that criticize us who've been there. I like that. I like guys who got five deferments and never been there and send people to war, and then don't like to hear suggestions about what needs to be done."

I'd say what I think is best expressed here,
by someone far more articulate than I. In part, McQ writes

"And yes, if it's important, I wore this country's uniform for 28 years as an infantry officer. I believe as much in the oath I took then as I do now. More importantly, I remember the feeling that my country had abandoned me as if it were yesterday, and I vowed if it ever tried it again, I'd speak up loudly and often."


"Funny, that ... you talk about being upset that men who've never worn the uniform are criticizing you, yet you feel no apparent problem with pulling the rug out from those in combat by all but declaring their mission has failed ... just like the '70s. Our military certainly doesn't seem to feel that way, if the young soldier with the 101st's email is any indication."

In sum, as one who also wore the uniform and smelled the smoke, I'd say

"Hey, Murtha, BITE ME! Oh, and civilian control of the military, often by folks who've never been in the service or even did their best to dodge it (snicker) has been a part of this nation since it was founded. So, again, BITE ME!"

Think I'm a little peeved by Murtha ? As a vet, I never wear my credentials on my sleeve. I only pull my beret out of storage for the Veteran's day ceremony at my sons' school, and even my boys don't know what it means. And so I really, really despise clowns who dishonor their service (and mine) by insinuating those who didn't serve are somehow unqualified to set foreign policy simply because they didn't serve. Being a draft-dodger made Clinton's *past* dishonorable, but he was still the NCA.

At 10:27 PM, Blogger Subsunk said...


I'm right there with you, son. I'm awful glad you made it home. Be careful on the roads and have as good a time as you and the wife can without breaking something, especially her or yourself.

We need you healthy to fight the war against domestic enemies now. You've started out well here. Just don't stop telling the Truth as you lived it.

God bless, young man. And press on.


At 9:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well said wolfe.... its nice to hear a perspective from a reasonable soldier. thank you for your time, and your honesty.

At 3:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been reading all the comments here that have been posted. And I know can honestly say first hand when someone starts backstabbing what is going on how it affects a soldier. My husband just returned home yesterday from Fort Lewis. Well last night while we were at the airport welcoming a wounded soldier home some jerk decided to run his mouth off to my husband about how everything we are doing over there is useless and what not. And he made some rude comments about the wounded soldier. All my husband could do was turn and look at him, I could just see the blow up coming. So I personally stepped up and told this guy you know if you don't support the war that is your choice but you know these soldiers have given up 18 months of there lives with their families, ETC. and if you were to ask 90% of them if they would go back they would do it in a heart beat. Knowing my husband would. And we are PROUD of everything they have done/and we stand behind them all the way. And for us to pull out now would make all the hard work that these fine men and women go down the drain.

So please if you see a soldier thank him/her don't start giving your thoughts on what should be done. Because you may not like their answers.

Once again. WELCOME HOME my family and I thank you and are so proud of all of you.

2-116th Soldier..

At 1:45 PM, Anonymous Keesha said...

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At 6:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll weigh in here as the 'liberal communist pinko America hater' you so vehemently bash. Your biblical allusion is comically flawed. No, not because of its religiosity, but because of its lack of logic. You think the Jews, wandering in the desert, would have preferred the shackles of Egyptian slavery because they were more regular? Get real! Do you think Jews escaping the Nazis during the Holocaust would have preferred the certainty of death rather then face the uncertainty of an attempted escape? You write, "They were not willing to travel the hard road, to fight for their freedoms," and yet, like the Bush administration failing to provide any evidence of the connections of Iraq to 9-11, you fail to provide any biblical evidence. Hmm, I'm beginning to notice a trend here. Next, you posit that drug trafficing has a parallel to terrorism. A worthy theory, when you consider that cocaine is indeed made in Bogota. Not a worthy theory, however, when you consider that the terrorists responsible for 9-11 were not made in Iraq. Nor were there any connections between this event and this country. I, as an American liberal, do support the troops. I also, however, am agianst the war in Iraq.


At 8:09 PM, Blogger Michael said...


If you read Exodus, thats exactly what they wanted. They wanted the security of Egypt, they sat around "pots of meat and ate all the food we wanted, but you have brought us out into this desert to starve this whole assembly to death." Exodus 16:3

They longed for the security of Egypt, knowing what was going to happen the next day, and having food and shelter, even though they were slaves. Horrid conditions awaited them back in Egypt, but they wanted to go back, simply for the reason of food in their bellies.

Also, I did not compare drugs to terrorists. Apparently, you missed the whole application of the parable. I was using the instance of drugs to explain the network concept of the terrorists, as well as using it to show that a proactive stance to any problem is beneficial. End the problem before it hurts you.

Lastly, you mention the Nazi Halocaust, and I believe that you made the comparison simply because of its inflammatory nature. Yes, the Jews were involved in each instance, but a correlary betwixt the two is unwarranted.

At 4:31 PM, Anonymous MJ said...

Anonymous, the 9/11 Commission Report outlines many connections between Saddam and Al Queda. It doesn't state there is NO connection. It says there is no direct evidence of an operational relationship. This oft repeated myth has been knocked down, and still it comes back. Absence of evidence means we don't have evidence of it, not that a relationship positively did not exist. MDG, you have great promise, congratulations, thanks for all you have done -- I know we will be hearing of more great accomplishments in the future.

At 9:17 PM, Anonymous Patriotgirl said...

Thank you for stating so clearly what, I, a normally articulate person, have been unable to say because the strong feelings I have for my Nation, and the men and women who defend her run so deeply that I can only stand in amazed disbelief when faced with these people. Again, I thank you for what you have done....You and the others who have come before, and those who will follow after allow me to put my babies to sleep at night in peace. That is something that can only be bought by the blood, sweat, and tears of those like can't be purchased with money or oil or the good intentions of those who are blind to reality. Welcome home, and God Bless you infinitely.

At 10:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 4:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your service! I was in the Vietnam theater when the anti-war stuff started. Could not comprehend it then. Look back with great regret upon it now. When Congress turned tail and ran in Vietnam, millions of innocent people died. If we turn Iraq over to the Taliban and the Sunis who have oppressed the Kurds and the Shia for decades, how many 100's of thousands or millions who trusted America will die?

At 5:55 PM, Blogger g5man said...


At 6:14 PM, Anonymous apatriot said...

Thanks you so much for your service!
I loved your comments and opinion and could not agree with you more.
The anti war groups blame the rise in the insurgency to our presense but the real blame lies with them. They feed the enemy. That includes those anti war Senators calling the president a liar day in and out for 5 years. And those with the cut and run mind set.
I thank God for the men and women who serve and protect America!

At 6:14 PM, Blogger leaddog2 said...

The sad part is that the anti-American trolls are worse than Zarqarwi. He at least claims that he has beliefs, even Satanic ones.

At 6:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best to now go see Howard Dean and ask for some more soundbites, the 'WMD and lies' lie has been in the news. I guess you missed it but it turned out John Kerry lied to you and John Edwards lied to you. Just tell Deanie Baby you need another 'polly want a cracker' line to use for a while, the one you have has become stale.
Other than you willing to parrot, I am very glad to have you around, proves to me what a free country we live in. People can spew forth lies and still see the light of day to run to another city to spew forth again.
Thanks for that,

At 6:35 PM, Anonymous rac647 said...

Welcome home and well said. I wish someone had said this back in 1970 when I came home. For my part, I will never allow what happened to me to happen to another trooper, ever!
It is time we rose up and demanded the truth from the MSM, they have yet to tell it.
Thanks for your service and your love of country.

At 7:01 PM, Blogger Bujutsu Blogger said...

Great post, great blog and great thanks for your service.

At 7:44 PM, Blogger remoteman said...

MDG, great post. And some very interesting back and forth here in the comments. As stated earlier, reasonable, fact-based disagreement on policy is fine. Suggestions for workable alternatives demonstrates even more maturity. Unfortunately, these are rarely if ever offered by the left. Thus, they earn the scorn and derision of people like MDG.

Welcome home. Thank you for all that you've done. I am proud of you and grateful beyond words.

At 8:51 PM, Anonymous jcmeredith said...

To "anonymous", "kate" "erman" and the others in the American Left who are helping our enemies kill and maim our brave troops, and making it MORE DIFFICULT to bring them home, not LESS DIFFICULT:

Wake up. Your arguments do not make sense. You say "Bush lied." If so, then Clinton, Kerry, Edwards, Rockefeller, Reid, Bayh, Hillary, Allbright, etc, ALL LIED. Yet you will not admit that.

Do you honestly think the president would leave the troops over there any longer than he has to?

If you want the troops home, UNITE behind the troops so we can face these murderous islamo-fascists down and give the Middle East a new start in the new millenium.

Wake up. Islamo-fascists are killing non-muslims in Africa. Islamo-fascists are killing non-muslims in Asia. Islamo-fascists are killing non-muslims in Europe.
Islamo-fascists are killing non-muslims in the Pacific rim.
Everywhere, they only need one thing to succeed: people to be too afraid or too "politically correct" to fight back.

You say Hussein was not "involved" in 9-11. Yet there's ample evidence that he was harboring terrorists, including Al Qeada operatives.

Where do you think Abu Nidal, the "original terrorist" holed up for years? Iraq.

Where did Yassin, the first World Trade Center bomb mastermind, run and hide in 1993? Iraq.

Who paid $20,000 to the families of suicide bombers? Saddam Hussein, dictator of Iraq.

Those of us who support this global war on terror are inundated with the ideas and views of the American Left/Bush haters every day.

No one can say we don't listen to both sides of the argument. We have no choice.

But do YOU? Have you opened up your mind and looked at ALL the evidence?

Have you read the works of Laurie Mylroie, Clinton's 1992 advisor on Iraq? The mainstream media has blackballed her for her convincing writings about Iraq.

Have you read "Saddam's Bombmaker" by Khidhir Hamza, who defected in 1995? His book was published BEFORE 9/11, so his information is useful, as he had no ax to grind when he went to print in 2000. So you read there was no WMD? Open your minds and read what these people have to say.

Why are you completlely ignoring Christopher Hitchens? He may disagree with Bush on 95% of all domestic issues, but he fully grasps the serious gravity of this global war against Islamo-fascism.

We are fighting an enemy that does not care if they blow you up over there or over here, but they DO want to blow you up. If we do not fight them thousands of miles away we will have to fight them HERE. What part of that do you not understand?

It is false to put up John Murtha as a "hawk." He has a consistent record in advocating US pullouts when things get sticky - a la Somalia in 1993. Just look it up.

You say you care about the troops. You say you want to prevent "needless deaths."

So your solution is to "redeploy" and create "Quick Reactionary" forces in the Middle East.

You want another Mogadishu except 100 times more deadly?

Just pull our troops out of Iraq now, before the Iraqi government soldiers are FULLY ready, then ask our guys to go back in weeks or months later to put down the terrorist uprising. Can you say BLOODY disaster? That is what you would get. What part of that do you not understand?

My guess is you do understand because your mind is made up. You want to see Bush "lose" no matter what.

How sad to see the Democratic party once again become the tool of the radical Left to the benefit of our sworn enemies.

Sadly, this is not new. This is something the Democrats did quite in the late 1940's and early 1950's when our nation had a vicious "family argument" about hundreds of Communist agents infiltrating the highest levels of our government.

Back then, the Democrats denied it hysterically and the American press went out of their way to give them (and the communists) cover. Everyone else was villified as a "McCarthyite." Meanwhile, the communists swore to "bury us."

The effect of those communist infiltrators in crucial government postions clearly cost us blood and treasure in Korea, they cost us our nuclear secrets, and they put Poland behind the Iron Curtain for 40 years.

For nearly 40 years the argument was not settled.

Then the Venona Project decrypts were made public 1995, proving beyond a doubt that the Democratic party HAD been the chosen vehicle for communist operatives.

Alger Hiss, The Rosenbergs, Harry Dexter White, and hundreds of others. EXPOSED. PROVEN GUILTY.

Yet the American Left is still in denial, as if the Venona decrypts had never been published!

Take Vietnam. We all know what happened. The Democratic Party, with lots of help from a mendacious anti-Nixon press, again fell in with the radical Left and embraced pacifism in the face of communism.

The result? millions our friends in southeast asia were sentenced to wholesale slaughter and misery simply because they opposed communism.

It's a new century. We are not going to let it happen again. We won't allow you and your Moonbat Pacifists undermine the cause of freedom again. You can hate the president all you want, but the only weapons you have are denial of the aid you give our sworn enemies and the slanted propaganda spewed by the mainstream media.

Luckily for freedom-loving Americans, the media monopoly is broken. We are not going to let your abject stupidity carry the day. This time it won't work.

Thank God for MGD and all of the brave men and women who are willing to put their lives on the line so we can live in freedom.

JC Meredith

At 9:45 PM, Blogger Rooster75 said...

It is so true that the harshest sting in any rebuke is the truth. The people who protest what this post has to say, are upset because of how they were made to "feel." Well I no longer care how they "feel." I think it is more than fair to question their patriotism and their common sense. No more taking the high raod. If the only way to shut them up is to be louder than they are, than that is what we must do.

At 5:55 AM, Blogger McGroarty said...

I can only say Thank You.

At 10:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen brother! Thanks for your service and Welcome home! Hope you have a happy holiday.

At 12:02 AM, Blogger patrickafir said...

Welcome home, MDG. We're inexpressibly glad to have you back.

Your frustration with these wretched creeps exactly what I feel, but it means more coming from you.

You know that there are plenty of us who remember why we can go to sleep safely and night and wake up free.

At 7:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This has to be the most moronic diatribe I have ever read. It is full of inaccuracies and contradiction. Are you sure you did not take one in the head?

At 11:11 AM, Blogger Bat Guano said...

Anon (last) Ni-i-ic-ce, very nice. Great support for the troops but against the war argument, pal. What did you take in the head for that dazzling display of ad-hominen?

Welcome home MDG! A 9/11 Dem appreciates your service to my safety and the safety of me and mine. Great ref to Ex. BTW. Another favorite of mine is where Moses begged God to kill him before he killed the whining nabobs known as Israelites back then (Num 11:15)! Amen to that Brother Moses (Some days anyway :)

At 11:43 AM, Anonymous freedom said...

Kate, Great posts.
Anonymous, I think he did take one to the head.

At 6:40 PM, Blogger Machinistscott said...

your right gunner, just kill everybody that dosnt think like you. That post was way over the top. you say your not glorifing yourself. I say Bullshit. Your president's stupid war has bankrupted our country, lowered our standing in the global community, and put a huge strain on our military. you dont care, your right, you got god on your side. GOP christians.......the new nazi party. you quote the bible...............thats suposed to mean something. Its a book, writen by man, interprated six ways from sunday. why is your religion the right one? heres a news flash gunner for every one you kill overthere, two more will rise up and take there place. Not to mention the inocent civilians that are accidentaly killed. oh well thats to bad, not your problem. I acknowledge that extremists are evil.....all extremists. That includes right wing christians. If the goal was to start a war in an Islamic country to draw all the extremists why didnt we just do it in afganistan? worked for the soveits. Answer: thers no oil in afgan.
One of your followers makes all these connections of 9/11 and Iraq.
I cant tell whats bullshit anymore, It flows so freely from the collective GOP mouth. He does however make refrence to sadam paying palistianian bombers 20,000. Sounds like an Isralie problem. Your GOP party is about over guys. I just hope our country can recover.peace

At 8:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post. I had to look up Ma Deuce racks and caught this.


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